Lost Lore

LOST LORE is a cute, engaging, entertaining paranormal romance. The story is tight and well written and paced just quickly enough to keep your interest. Ms. Hudson creates a fantasy world that is mysterious, intriguing and fun to explore, and is peopled with shapeshifters, witches and other sentient creatures. Lorien is a terrific heroine, thrown in on the deep end of the pool, not sure about what is going on but determined to do the right thing. Jerro, her centaur friend, is sexy, a bit dense at times but rises to heroic proportions throughout the story. The sex scenes are explicit, delightful and very hot! LOST LORE was a fun read; if you like unusual settings and fantasy stories then this is one for you!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sandi Potterton

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Shapechangers and demons, oh my!